Masjid Al-Shareef of Long Beach - Company Message

Committees and Proposals

Idea Proposals of new projects at Masjid Al-Shareef begins with completing a Project Proposal Form. Forms can be downloaded. Complete the form and return to Masjid Al-Shareef.

Masjid Al-Shareef Idea Project Proposal Form

Committees of Masjid Al-Shareef are established in consensus by the Board of Directors and are of two kinds: (1) Standing Committees that contribute to on-going particular activities and interests associated with various areas of masjid functioning, and (2) Ad-hoc Committees established from time to time to shape, develop and execute programs and events for specific circumstances.
Standing Committees:
Fundraising Committee
Building/Repair Committee
Education Committee
Health and Wellness Committee
Up-keep and Maintenance Committee
Hospitality and Safety Committee


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