Masjid Al-Shareef of Long Beach - Company Message
Masjid Al-Shareef has a long and illustrious history in the Southern California area as well as being a contributing factor in the growth of Al-Islam in America. Please follow the links for a brief history of Islam in America.
Masjid Al-Shareef of Long Beach

   Masjid Al-Shareef has been a cornerstone in Long Beach, California since 1972. The building which is now Masjid Al-Shareef was once a heavy duty factory, was purchased under the guidance of Imam Haroon Abdullah. Noting that it was built to withstand the weight of heavy machinery, Imam Abdullah thought it ideal and the building was converted into a Mosque.
   Upon the death of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, and the succession of his son, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, the Mosque became an Al-Islamic place of worship. Today Masjid Al-Shareef is a two-story edifice, completely paid for by its believers. It was completely remodeled in 2000 to include wudu stations and is acclaimed for its beauty and richness by all of Long Beach. Masjid Al-Shareef services Muslims from many, many countries. We humbly request your support as we continue to strive in establishing Al-Islam. 

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